Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The third day of the camp was very fun and a great learning experience. In the early morning, we got up and sailed right away, and it was a very rocky ride. Many people had motion sickness because of the big waves crashing on our boat. During the 2-3 hour sail ride, we did many different sail training activities. For example, we learned how to steer the boat, man the sails, and tie knots. Near the end of our sail, we did our last and best tack with Johnathan on the helm with Margaux, Bailey, and Tristan on the jib sheets, and Vale on the main sheet with Jake. For our meals, we had scrambled eggs, peanut butter, and jelly while we were sailing and pasta with garlic bread. Today we also had fun times while it was raining. We played card games, riddles and bonded as a whole crew. We also completed our 2 dive quiz and learned about scuba safety. For our jobs today, Bailey and Miranda cooked pasta, Jack was the busboy, and I helped direct everyone in the right direction.

P.S. after dinner, our squeeze chant was a little gassy.