Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

After eating our fifth breakfast on our boat (consisting of french toast and maple syrup), everyone cleaned dishes and our rooms. Then our boat got underway, sailing for two and a half hours to Anegada, a gorgeous beach with perfect white sand and clear water. We met people from other boats, talked in circles about the most random things together. Then it was time to leave the beach, and all that was there with it. After a PB+J lunch with salsa and chips on the side, we set sail again to Vixen Point, a location where all of the boats would dock next to each other. I’ll have to admit I was a little technically challenged with sailing first, especially the compass (funny, because we learned our navigation dive section that night!). Luckily the boat made it to our destination in one healthy piece. Following our showers was a stroganoff dinner and garlic bread and our dive navigation lesson. Our boat was quite good at those… but not too great. Our day ended, the group close, everything in a collected fashion. Each day has brought something new, so I end today’s log with hopes for tomorrow.