Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Our morning today started at 7 o’clock, with everyone waking up pretty nicely. It was a pretty slow morning, finishing unpacking, learning about the boat, and hanging out. There were some very intense card games of BS, with Trent and Reed usually ending up with half the deck, thanks to Sloane and Michelene’s top-notch poker faces. Then we headed to the dock to fill our water tanks before heading to our new anchorage at Great Harbor on Peter Island. Before sailing out, we learned a few knots (clove hitch, half hitch, cleat knots) and all other necessary skills to bring the boat into a dock. Sloane and I were at the stern ropes watching those and heaving them to those waiting on the dock. We sailed for about 3-4 hours to reach Peter Island, and on the wat we let the jib sail out, working on trimming sails and taking turns driving the boat on the helm. Kalen took the helm first, followed by Sloane. When we had reached our spot, we learned how to drop the anchors. The PADI swim test had to be done, which included swimming 200 meters with no stopping and then just floating for 10 minutes. Kalen was lapping so many people and definitely finished first. We then had our first saltwater showers, which were pretty interesting, though the staff says by the end of the trip, we’ll want to trade them with our showers at home. Tonight is concluded with a dinner of sloppy joes and our very first squeeze. Squeeze is an AQ dinner tradition where we join hands and share a quote of the day, appreciations for the day, and answer the skipper’s question of the day – today’s being which 3 people you would most want to have dinner with – with answers ranging from past presidents to Adam Sandler and Gordon Ramsay, provided he’s the one to cook. After dinner, we had our very first dive class with Garrison — though we were all tired from our packed day and ready for bed, it was exciting to start on our way to breathing underwater!