Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We started the day off early once again, at 6:15 sharp with some delicious eggs. After, we sailed over to a great snorkeling spot. Even though we kept bumping into each other, it was still really fun, and the reefs that we saw were amazing. The fish were swimming alone with us as well. My favorite part, which I’m sure most people agree, was the caves that we got to explore through. We also went up to an enormous rock with an amazing view. We then proceeded to jump off into it and the crystal clear water below. Afterward, we headed to another part of the island, where we tied up on a dock. The rest of the fleet soon followed. Most of us had an amazing lunch of hamburgers and then restocked on some snacks. Some of the guys on our boat went searching for some coconuts. They split one open and kept the other one, which they named Perry. Then we drew faces on Perry that washed off when we through him around in the water. Later, we decided to see Perry off tomorrow into the great beyond.