Location: Great Dog

We woke up on a warm morning on the beautiful island of Anegada with all of the shipmates that have become one huge family. We ate breakfast and quickly got changed into our bathing suits for a fun day on the beach and snorkeling. We took a dinghy to shore and a long taxi ride to the snorkeling area. We rode with our other shipmates from Laurasia and walked around the beach. After an hour or so we got on our snorkel gear and went snorkeling. We were greeted by huge underwater cliffs and many large fish. We even saw a huge pair of Barracudas and a turtle! There was a lot of fish, and everyone had a great time. We ate lunch and went back on the winding road to our boats. Everyone had a sail chat, but I went on Laurasia for my sister’s birthday. We sailed to the Dog islands and ate dinner. Then we all cuddled up eating brownies and cookies and watching a movie. Now we’re all hanging out, so time to go!