Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Life on the boat was quite interesting today! After being anchored at Mountain Point, we had bagels and yogurt for breakfast as we raised sails to Great Harbor Peter. After breakfast, everyone took a morning nap during our sail. I am not surprised because we all had a long and early morning. A little before lunch, the Neptune students did their first deep dive today! They went down to 80 feet, learned about color changes, and cracked an egg underwater!!! After their dive was completed, the whole crew was exhausted! All the girls went up to the hardtop to enjoy the sun while the boys listened to reggae music inside the boat. I’m almost positive they had a dance party, haha! For lunch, we had deli sandwiches (they never get old). After lunch, all the Rescue students did a search and recovery dive, and the Neptune students completed their wreck diver knowledge review. The whole crew had some downtime for a couple of hours. Some of the rescue students decided to complete some work in our workbooks. Later on, Alexis, Harley, Julia, and I went on a little excursion! We went kneeboarding and wakeboarding (no one could get up on the wakeboard btw). We all had some epic wipeouts, but it was so fun! Not to mention, we finally got to listen to music BESIDES reggae!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, reggae is kind of a bop, but it’s nice to listen to music I play at home. After our amazing dingy ride, we came back to the boat to take some pictures for the blog. Anyways, I have to end the blog here because we have a rescue lecture! I’ll include the squeeze results in tomorrow’s blog because Neptune is about to go meet up with another boat! Well, I’ll see you guys tomorrow!!! -Ellie <3