Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was another great day at ActionQuest. We woke up bright and early and had oatmeal while we motored over to Brewer’s Bay. Once in Brewer’s Bay we did some action cleaning and made our boat look beautiful. Next, we split up into our separate programs. Neptunes did a deep dive and Dolphins did a dive too and went turtle tagging. Rescues started off by doing the jack stay exercise for our final search and recovery dive. After that dive we ate lunch which was quesadillas. YUM!!! Next the Rescues went on a fun dive at Shark Point but we sadly didn’t see any sharks. After all, of that, we all came back to Pure Joy and motored over to Cane Garden Bay. On the motor over, all the rescue students took the Emergency First Responder test and we all passed! When we reached Cane Garden Bay, we filled up with water. Oh, but I almost forgot that before we could fill up with water we had to motor around the anchorage for about an hour because Portlandia snaked our spot on the dock before we could go! It’s okay though, we are all still friends! After getting water, we anchored 3 times before we found the perfect spot to sleep tonight. Then we had some time to chill out and talk with friends and we got to take freshwater showers. I wish we took ocean showers though because I love swimming. We just ate Thai peanut chicken for dinner, which was very yummy, and we got to watch the most beautiful sunset. Every time we looked over at the sunset, it became more beautiful. Now we are cleaning and will soon split up so half of the boat can watch the Cove. The rescue students will learn how to use emergency oxygen. So overall, today was a very fun day as per usual and I can’t wait to spend more amazing days with all of my Pure Joy family.