Location: Marina Cay

Today was a fun, yet relaxing day. We started with 30 extra minutes of sleep, which I think everyone appreciated- at least I know I did! After a simple breakfast of cereal, we lifted the anchor and were off to sea! During the sail, we reviewed for our sailing practical. The weather was very indecisive, as our sail was playing out there were some very peaceful parts, but there were quite a few storms. Once we arrived at Trellis Bay, we were all very hungry and rushed off to the restaurant for sandwiches and pizza, the grocery store, and a few other local shops. Everybody got the chance to call home, which we all enjoyed. After filling up on ice cream and snacks, we boarded Laurasia with new sheets and pillowcases. We also received more groceries, such as apples. After a dinner of tortellini and salad, we’re off to a Lifeworks forum with the whole of ActionQuest. I think everyone is missing family, but we are all having such a great time. We seem to have successfully avoided the so-called mid cruise blues and are all looking forward to a day full of excitement tomorrow.