Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we had pancakes for breakfast. Davis, our mate, told us we had a chill day ahead of us, and we would spend the day hanging out on the boat. I was expecting it to be a long, boring, and uneventful day, but no, we decided we would make the best of it. After breakfast, Kackie, Wyatt, and a few other girls went swimming and cleaned the algae off the side of our catamaran. Later on, we all were jumping off the side of the boat, swimming, and doing backflips. After that, we took turns going water skiing. At lunchtime, we had deli sandwiches and Pringles. After lunch, a few more of us went skiing. Then we just listened to music and ate dinner. For dinner, we had broccoli and cheese pasta and biscuits. After dinner, we all hung out and just chatted. It was really nice to just hang out and talk to everyone.