Location: Marina Cay

Today we started slowly and steadily. We woke up at Sommer’s Bay to a rainy but optimistic day. We proceeded to move the boat to shark point, where we spent our early morning on a spectacular dive with crystal clear water and tons of new fish. Marley and Elena also found a small swim-threw (something completely new to us). After our dive, we sailed around while Max D and I pumped our tanks diligently! Later, we feasted on some expertly made beef quesadillas, prepared by AJ and Ines. After a fabulous lunch, we prepared for a second dive at the Pinnacles, led by none other than myself! The dive was superb, and we saw millions of tiny fish swimming in schools while 30 tarpons feasted on them. To top the dive off, we saw a nurse shark! After our dive, we had a peaceful and relaxing sail over to Marina Cay where we are spending the night. All of us are excited for the big hike tomorrow!