Location: White Bay, Peter Island

It may be day two, but Mambo No. Five feels like home already! Sunshine, showers, and rainbows woke us up this morning as we filled up on cereal. It was quiet aboard due to a mixture of shyness, sleepiness, and pure amazement from the beauty surrounding us, but the number of talks we had today made up for it. Once we’d checked in and sorted our dive gear, we all had a chat with Mike, who told us everything we needed to know to begin our adventure. Before leaving West End, we had the most exciting toilet talk-oh what luxury to have flushing toilets! Even if it means all the sail side shipmates beat us in arm wrestles at the end of the session since they have PUMP heads. Mwuahaha. As we set sail towards Peter Island for our skills review dive, we learned various knots. Our deli meat and PB and J sandwiches prepared us for our dive chat with Tina and were perfectly timed for our arrival at Peter Island. By this point, we were all starting to feel the sun, so the thought of a swim test was not so tedious after all! After a few laps of the boat and water treading, we were ready to dive. We didn’t go very deep, but amongst our fin pivots and CESA practice, we spotted a beautiful stingray. He was just a taste of all the stunning marine life we’re going to witness in the these next few weeks. As I hear the shrieks of laughter, hear the chill summer tunes, and smell the wafts of Sloppy Joe’s cooking, the vibe of home-sweet-home is reaching every member of every cabin aboard Mambo No. Five. We are in for an epic adventure, and we have epic people by our sides to make it even better! Squeeze Question: If you could have a theme song for your life, what would it be and why?