Location: Bight, Norman Island

Today was a calm but enjoyable day. We started the day with a delicious breakfast of pancakes. I mean what is a better start to a day than pancakes in the British Virgin Islands. Once we finished breakfast, our group split off, and some of us went diving on the wreck of the Fearless. The rest of us went snorkeling and swimming around the boat. The coolest part of the day was seeing a mom and baby dolphin swimming right next to our boat. Some of us had just finished snorkeling and just jumped right in. Wilks, Gabriel, Margaret, and I got to swim with them. This was a spectacular experience for me because I love dolphins and it was always a dream of mine to swim with dolphins in the ocean. While we swam with the dolphins, everyone else got an amazing view of the dolphins, so it was a thrilling experience for all. After seeing the dolphins, some of us went waterskiing.

Then we set sail for Road Town for lunch. There was an abundance of restaurants to choose from. The food was amazing! Once lunch was over the four dive side boats raced over to where we are mooring for the night. Our boat came in last, but we all tried our hardest and worked together as a team. Now we are continuing our chill day by laying in the sun and preparing our dinner. We all have enjoyed our second to last day of camp. I am so sad that camp is almost over. We aren’t shipmates anymore but have turned into a family. We have made the past 19 days count and have had a blast.