Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

After a long night of swells, we began the day with a big pancake breakfast. After running out of Nutella, syrup and peanut butter were the only toppings in stock. All three of our staff members had a meeting, so we had to do everything by ourselves. We were low on water for 18 hours, but once they got back, we headed to a harbor to refill our tanks. Our docking skills have been getting better every time, and today we executed especially smoothly. We then headed to Trellis Bay, where most of us ate at a beach bar. Only having an hour onshore, we had to make our snack runs swift. The grocery store was bombarded with tourists, and shelves were raided. Many decided to leave the beach bar while waiting for their food to make sure they got the snacks they wanted. The wait was long, and a frightening storm brewed up. The lighting was bright, and the thunder boomed as the rain covers of the restaurant tore from filling up with water. We hopped back on the dingy and headed to the boat. After finishing our meals on the deck and heading out of the port, we started our man overboard drill. We switched roles for the drill four times, giving everyone a chance to play the part they wanted. After the drills, we headed straight for Muskmelon Bay. We were all taking saltwater showers when Mackenzie spotted a pod of dolphins, which we got to watch for a few minutes before they disappeared. The cooks prepared our dinner for the night, making a tangy chili and a side dish of cornbread. It was scrumptious, and we’re excited for our rotation day tomorrow!

-Tej Thomas