Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

At 7:00 am, the air buzzed with excitement as everyone prepared to go onshore for the first time since arriving on our boats. Disembarking at Spanish Town with wobbly legs (all of us forgot how to walk after being at sea for 5 days), we all roamed the streets and found the grocery store where we bought snacks to last us the next 3 centuries. I personally happily reunited with my sister after being quarantined and away from each other for 5 days. Around 10:30, we boarded the boat again and sailed to an awesome rock formation called The Baths. There we spent time scrambling up and down giant boulders and jumped off a 15-foot rock into the sparkling warm turquoise sea below. Vale almost fell over while jumping off. Bailey and Chloe ended up being master rock climbers. Once everyone got back on the boat, we ate and spent the rest of the day sailing to Vixen Point. Ava took a turn at the helm, and Miranda expertly steered us through a tack. James spent three hours while we sailed with his goggles on his face for no apparent reason. While underway, Tristan ate a lot of candy and was going a bit crazy. After anchoring for the night (courtesy of Johnathan, who was really good and coiling the secondary anchor), we ate some delicious veggie burgers made by our wonderful chefs Milla and Griffin. We’re about to have a dive chat with our dive instructor Jake now, which will be an exciting and informative end to our awesome day.