Location: Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

After a great breakfast of French toast, we got ready for a morning dive! We worked on our fish identification skills and got to see a very large trumpetfish! After drying off and showering, we headed to shore at Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda! When we finished scrolling through a lot of notifications on our phones and talking to our parents, we headed out into town. As well as going to the grocery market for snacks, I went to a different store to restock on sunscreen and pick up a new sun shirt. When we finished having lunch, we took a dingy out to some mangroves and the start of an artificial reef, where we saw a baby barracuda! We got back to the boat, took a shower, and then put on some nice clothes for a bbq! While in town, we were able to meet some students from other ActionQuest dolphin boats, so it was nice to have conversations with other people and how their trips were going (we definitely have the best boat). It was a fun, late night with a lot of dancing and singing!

Pictured: the crew looking spiffy before the BBQ; Alex and Zach getting ready to dive at Mountain Point; Liam, our marine bio instructor, answering some questions about Fish ID; Bud and Zara, our chefs for the day, whipping up some French toast; the crew about to descend for the dive; a dive group shortly after surfacing