Location: Bluff Bay, Beef Island

The day started with Evan and Lilah cooking up an amazing breakfast of pancakes. The staff had a meeting, so all the shipmates hung around the boat, talking and getting closer with each other. Soon after the staff came back, we headed for a quick water refill and to Trellis Bay for a quick time onshore. All the shipmates were able to check in with their families, enjoy a nice lunch onshore and restock on some much-needed snacks. While we were on land, there was a rainstorm which created a nice breeze for the remainder of the day. After Trellis Bay, we began a sail to Muskmelon Bay. Parker, Aiden, and ML helped our skipper Hedrick Sail while the remainder of the boat relaxed below deck. As we neared our destination, the rest of the shipmates came above to help and anchor the boat. As we began to anchor, the crew was blessed with the sight of a dolphin, and it was an amazing way to end the sail. Once we were anchored, Matt, Maria, and Liam cooked a yummy dinner of Chili and rice. It was a nice meal to end such a fantastic day!