Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Day 19
These are the voyages of the Yo Dawg.

Today was The First-Ever Inaugural Yo Dawg 2021 Boat-Olympics For Rabies And A Cure. This event consisted of 13 events that pitched three teams in the strive for first place and the glory that comes with it. These events challenged competitors’ mental, physical, and emotional strength that gave way to a fiercely competitive attitude. However, everyone had fun and enjoyed these interesting events. The teams were formed and included the Dawg Shark Feti, the British Virgin Dawgs, and the Bzzz. The events included Gear Set Up where competitors had to assemble their dive gear blindfolded with only audio help from their teammates, Moonwalk which consisted of a relay race on the sea floor, Dinghy Captain where contestants had to pull start the dinghy, knots where three competitors had to tie three knots while being under time, Galley Guessing where contestants had to organize and put away different objects in the galley, Splash where teams had to create the biggest splash after jumping off the boat, Tow where teammates had to drag another team’s unwilling individual in the water, Mixed Nuts where treading contestants had to catch nuts thrown from their teammates on the boat, Fish Charades included the usual charade rules but with aquatic creatures, Hydration Nation which included a chugging contest, PFD Puffy Parade where teams dressed a member in life jackets and then proceeded to run around the boat in under one minute, Fender Rodeo where competitors had to stay on a fender in the water for the most amount of time, and finally Filberts were contestants were dressed in Filbert’s butter and then attempted to get in the dinghy. I apologize for the long and repetitive sentence, but I could find no other way to describe the interesting events of this competition. This last event proved to be the most comical event, but all events were filled with laughter and warm hearts, no matter the outcome. However, there still had to be a winner, and the order was as followed: Dawg Shark Feti took first while Bzzz and British Virgin Dawgs took second and third, respectively. Awards were given out, and a spaghetti dinner ended a fun day.

I love you, Mom and Dad. Can’t wait to see you in a few days.

Pictured: Teddy during the Puffy Parade; the site of our competition; Jay celebrating his Filbert’s win; the Fender Rodeo; Team British Virgin Dawgs; Team Dawg Fish Feti; Team Bzzzzz; the podium; all the athletes celebrating their victories