Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

These are the voyages of the Yo Dawg.

The day started out usually with early riser’s awakening from slumber while others gradually trickled into the parlor. After a quick breakfast of assorted cereal, we jumped into our scuba gear and jumped into the warm morning depths of the Coral Garden by the Great Dog Island. This was a fun dive, and many new species to the voyage were spotted. A nurse shark was seen resting under some coral, and later two trumpetfish were discovered by swimming by some marine plants. After the first dive, the tanks were refilled on our way to The Flintstones dive spot in the West Voy. Other than the constant rumble of the compressor, the ride was very peaceful. The Flintstones was a new dive site for the Action Quest Fleet and was unfamiliar to everyone. This dive further progressed our Fish Identification specialization, and many interesting species were discovered in this foreign territory. A Green Sea Turtle was spotted dining on some coral, and later a Lionfish and even a Smooth Trunkfish were discovered. After the final dive of the day, some Mac and Cheese were served for lunch. Soon after, we headed back to Virgin Gorda, where the rest of ActionQuest fleet was waiting. After, a very informative and interesting Fish Identification presentation was given. Finally, to finish the day off, a saltwater shower and a dinner of cheesy pasta filled the stomachs. I can only imagine the fun I will have for the rest of the trip.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I love you, Mom and Dad.

Pictured: Alex and Zach on the hardtop; Bud, Teddy, Whitney, and Uma by the nav table; some students peeking through the hatches; setting up gear for our morning dive; the sunset at Mountain Point