Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we woke up in GHP to a beautiful blue sky. We ate our scrambled eggs as quickly as possible to get into the water and start our first dive. We were working on our research diver skills by looking at an abundance of corals. Despite all of the underwater totem poles, bubble rings, and general marine shenanigans, we got all of our coral counting done. After coming back to the surface and drying off, we went over to another boat to do a starfish dissection. We learned about their internal anatomy and, despite a few shipmates’ feeling a little grossed out, everyone had a good time. We then dine on some exquisite grilled cheese sandwiches, followed by a little respite in the sun. After lunch, it was time to get back in the water. This time it was a Fish ID dive. Shipmates dove in and navigated around the reef while observing the human impact on aquatic environments. After the dive, several shipmates hopped into the dinghy for a little late afternoon wakeboarding. Finally, we were treated to a succulent dinner, a summertime Thanksgiving. It was a delicious meal to end a delightful day.