Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Eye’s opened at 7:30, water boiling for oatmeal, and everyone was excited about today’s adventure. After our amazing breakfast, we set sail to Shark Point where all the sharks are at (not really). Anyways, we went for our first dive there, and we saw so much life in such a small area! Tarpons to moray eels, it was too much. After the amazing dive, we had a lecture about dive equipment while the Dolphins went diving. After the awesome lecture, we went back for a fun dive, and that was even better than the first. We went right across Shark Point for this dive ending the dive with some free diving. Around two we went to Cane Garden Bay to water up to our boat and sleep for the night. We are going to end it with a movie which is going to be awesome. Brandon 🙂