Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was a very relaxing day. We woke up and ate oatmeal. We wanted cereal, but apparently, we are breaking records for our milk consumption rate! After clean up, we got our gear set up for a morning dive. We sailed to shark point and then jumped in the water. We saw no sharks but lots of coral and cool fish! It was a fun dive because we went down in buddy pairs and groups. We rafted to another boat called Orka Tew and hung out with them all day. While rafted we painted each-others nails and Max made quesadillas. All the girls made friendship bracelets while the boys messed around in the water. The Dolphins also got some time to work on their project. We then motored to a new bay and had Chicken Pad Thai for dinner. We are resting before a super tough hike tomorrow!