Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today we slept in (we woke up at 7:30) and started sailing to our first dive destination, Shark Point. The dive was really cool and there were many fish. Everyone enjoyed the swim through. We then went on a relaxing sail while listening to Ben fantasize about climbing the rocks. We got to the Pinnacles and we got to do an optional fun dive. Only a few of us went. We saw so many cool fish and an eagle ray. It was definitely one of my favorite dives so far. After we sailed to Tortola and had a wonderful dinner our chefs made (Thai peanut chicken). We saw a turtle right next to our boat that was awesome! Ben pointed it out. In the past hour we’ve seen 4 turtles. Everyone is currently making Turks head bracelets. We are all fairly excited about the hike tomorrow and really sad we leave in 6 days.