Location: West End, Tortola to The Bight, Norman Island

Six o’clock, everybody got up and started preparing for the day. At 6:30, we had breakfast of cornflakes and other cereals by that time most of us have woken up. After that, we had some rest, and at 8 o’clock, the whole ActionQuest group gathered on the dock and Mike began an introduction to the trip and safety guidance. That finished by about 10 o’clock and everyone started to prepare for un-docking and moving. Between 11 and 12 o’clock the ships un-docked one after another and we moved into a more open area. We opened our sail and stopped the engine, and sailing began. Our destination was up-wind, so we moved there in zig-zags. The sky was relatively clear, and the wind was quite strong. The sea is pretty peaceful. We reached our destination in about 3 hours and had lunch. After that, we went snorkeling. That was great! We snorkeled for about an hour. At 5-6 o’clock we had early supper, and Mike joined us. The “squeeze” question was: “What is your biggest expectation for this trip?” After supper, we played a special ActionQuest card game. After that, we chilled out, and most of us went to sleep at 12 o’clock.