Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Today was our first day away from the marina. In the morning all the kids were up to catch the sun rising. It was only 5 in the morning and we all sat in silence in the back of the boat. Matty brought us cereal and we began to wake up and continued to bond just as the previous night after getting smoothies at the cafe with Charlie and Felix and a few friends I met on the plane. We had a meeting with director of Action Quest. After the talk and a quick run to the shore the Blue Venture took off and I helped steer us to Peter Island. During the trip I watched from the helm as the guys laughed while exchanging jokes and the girls talked and tanned. When I was able to put the boat in auto pilot I joined the rest of the gang. We were all getting along and getting to know each other much faster than I expected. When we arrived at Peter Island we did the swim test and check out dive. Teal and I needed to go to another boat to finish our open water certifications. For us, the water was nice at the surface and surprisingly cooler at the bottom. After the dive we showered on the boat. My first experience with a salt water shower. We hung out, laughed, and had dinner.