Location: Gallows Bay, St. Eustatius

Today we woke up early to prepare for our long day of sailing. We raised the dinghy, slipped the mooring, and raised the sails. Then we ate some cereal, and the wind made the cereal go everywhere. The wind was very strong and unpredictable. We had a lot of fun, talking and laughing and playing games like contact. We ate some mac n’ cheese for lunch, but we had to eat it out of cups because all of our dishes were dirty from breakfast. We arrived in Eustatia, which looks like a big volcano with a lot of goats on it. It started to rain while we were cleaning up the boat and then we saw a double rainbow! We had to then go through customs on the island and to a very wavy dinghy ride to get there. We cleared customs and are now on our boat cooking dinner. It was a very fun day filled with lots of laughs and good mems.