Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

After waking up early, all exhausted from the party on the beach the night before, we had a yummy breakfast of oatmeal and fresh fruit underway. When we arrived at Great Harbour, Peter Island after a long 2 hours sail, the two groups, Dolphins and Neptunes, split up for lectures about underwater photography and deep diving. We paused for a lunch of deli sandwiches or PB and J for the traditionalists! After lunch, the Neptunes went for a dive, and the Dolphins had the slightly smell opportunity to dissect a starfish. We learned loads about their two stomachs and ability to grow back an entire body from one leg! The two groups swapped, and the Dolphins went for a dive, practicing using digital cameras, which was fun while the Neptunes had free time, tanning, talking, and napping! It was Mexican night, and so we had meat nachos and bean salsa, which was expertly cooked by two of our shipmates. The evening was ending nicely as usual with the daily “squeeze” question after dinner until some shipmates decided that they wanted to have yet another attempt at catching one of the thousands of laughing gulls as none of the previous attempts had been anywhere near successful! Two shipmates hid under a towel on the dinghy with bread resting on their stomachs. They waited until the gull flew down towards the bait and then used their lightning reflexes to grab the bird. They caught two gulls and in his excitement one shipmate fell backward out of the dinghy into the sea! This eventful experience perfectly rounded off a brilliant day.