Location: Muskemelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was a very busy and memorable day! While Marina, Sam, and Meghann went to a staff meeting, all the shipmates had a huge dance party and played rave music at full volume. We had french toast, cleaned up, then set sail for a new anchoring site. The Dolphins and Neptunes went to another boat for the rest of the day. They had a photography dive (photo dive # 2!) while the Rescues worked on search and recovery dives. Rescues did two dives and worked on different search patterns. Dolphins took cool pictures (with strobes!) and took their fins off to do underwater jumps and flips. After lunch, Rescues went on a dive to practice their navigation skills. Dolphins and Neptunes had a lecture on turtle tagging then went in search of hawksbill and green sea turtles. They searched by hanging onto a rope on the back of a dinghy (the manta tow). One group found a hawksbill turtle and brought it back to the main catamaran. Pictures were taken, and the turtle was tagged. Rescues made an “airband”-piano, guitar, and drums. To finish off the day, Dolphins, Rescues, and Neptunes returned to Boss Lady for a chili dinner. Everyone gave each other a spirit animal-Benji was a ferret, Maddie a fox, Meghann a kangaroo, and Sam a grizzly. Rescues now have a lecture on rescue techniques, and Dolphins and Neptunes are completing their night diver certifications by diving in Muskmelon Bay. Everyone is ready to go to bed early (after another dance party, of course)!