Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Our 8th day started off with the song “Chinese Translation” by M.Ward and a breakfast of bagels, yogurt, and cantaloupe. After breakfast, we sailed from Leverick Bay to Great Harbor Peter (GHP), and while the Neptunes had a Deep Diver lecture, the Dolphins had an Underwater Photography lecture. After that, we all got in the water for our dive of the day. The Neptunes dove to about 90 feet, while the Dolphins went on their first Underwater Photography dive and took pictures of the vibrant sea life. Lunch was a sandwich bar, with the selections ranging from deli meats to PB and J. The Dolphins then went on an adventure in turtle tagging, while the Neptunes had a calm afternoon and a Wreck Diving lecture. When the Dolphins came back, it was time for showers a dinner prep. It was Mexican night, so there was a delicious burrito bar. As I’m writing this, dinner cleanup is coming to a close, and when that’s over, we’ll do our daily Squeeze. Today’s question will be, “What is your favorite movie?”. After the Squeeze, the whole boat will come together for a movie night and then head off to bed.