Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Breakfast was some yummy yogurt and bagels, which and Ryan ate with butter and honey, not sure if that’s yummy or not. Cleanup was fast because next was Pico sailing as well as waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding. The wind was fantastic and led to some Pico racing, which was Ronnie and Ryan vs Joao and Ty (not sure if anyone actually won.) Some capsized and maybe turtled or two, occurred all in good fun. Speeding along the ocean in a colorful Pico with a good friend is the definition of a perfect day. Next was lunch. Some yummy buttery delicious grilled cheese which was chewed down instantly. Not going to name names but a certain person even ate 6 and a half which was very impressive. After lunch, we all suited up for our first open dive! After a nice quick buddy check, we all hopped in the water, ready to learn and explore. The current was STRONG giving us all a good underwater workout. We descended about 25-30 feet underwater and it was SO COOL. Skills were learned, the air was used, fish were seen, and then a quick rain storm hit us but it was incredibly peaceful. After a long eventful day, filled with laughs and smiles, we all sat down for an amazing and incredibly filling Thanksgiving dinner with Minna, Director Mikes mom, who was so sweet and kind. We ended the day with a stunning sunset.