Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning all the shipmates were awaken by the loud morning CD Sam put on. After eating cereal for breakfast Sam assisted me in sailing the boat to Cooper Island for our first fun dive. Fun doesn’t even start to explain this dive. All of us are still a little new at diving with each other, but when Meg yelled to Sam that she spotted a dolphin in the water right before she jumped in to start the dive, we all became overly excited to get started with the dive. After we all were underwater we saw three stingrays and swam through and around 4 wrecks. Once we set sail again to Savanna Bay all of the shipmates bonded while tanning. Then when we arrived we jumped in together and swam around with a couple of inflatable tubes until we were too tired and got out to do my favorite thing, shower in the ocean! Now we are finished the day with dinner, clean up and our first rescue lecture.