Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was a very busy day. We had a mini rotation day where instead of changing activities by time, we changed the time when the scuba divers finished making it a very scuba-centric day. After cleaning up our boat and doing a much-needed deep clean of the heads, we water-skied and ate lunch. Some of us weren’t feeling up to water sports, so we just went for zoomies in the super-dinghies. After water-skiing, we headed over to Liberty, which is our dive boat, and we set up our scuba kits. I realized that I had gotten much more efficient in putting together my equipment than I was before. Today was the final dive to get our scuba certifications which was our fourth open-water dive. We practiced the last skills we needed to complete the course underwater, and after most of us had passed, we got to play around on the ocean floor. My favorite part was when we got to do flips and also when we took off our fins, deflated our BCDs, and got to jump around on the seafloor. It felt like I was in space! We ascended and practiced our three-minute safety stop. This helps residual nitrogen pass through our bodies. We then headed back to our boat and ate lunch, which was mac and cheese and quesadillas. We then motor sailed to Cane Garden Bay. On the way there, we practiced our man-overboard scenario and rescued one of our fenders from the middle of the ocean. After we arrived at Cane Garden Bay, we practiced attaching our boat to a mooring ball and then refueled our boat. I helped refuel water while the other shipmates took out the trash and helped cook dinner, which was Thai curry and brown rice. After we refueled everything, we ate dinner, and we had a guest, Max, come for dinner. Max refills all of the scuba tanks. After that, we had a sail chat, and we are all going to go to bed early because we have a big hike tomorrow.