Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

After waking up on the blue lagoon, we ate breakfast. It was cereal, and it got everywhere, so Lulu and Chloe had a lot of work to do. After breakfast, Nick, Matt, and I were jumping off the boat while everyone else either relaxed or was waterskiing. We took many photos. After this, a dinghy came and got us, and we went windsurfing. It was ok, and we ended up mucking around in the water with our instructor Nick. We had an ordinary lunch, after which we went to drive dinghies. We also learned how to tie a clove hitch. At about three we went scuba diving. In my group was Reyes, Fede, Pietro, and Matt. This was my first day of scuba diving. Tor (my other instructor) waited on the beach for us. Our chefs Blake and Allan cooked rice and chili for dinner. There was a little bit of singing. We went to bed on the blue lagoon.