Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

We woke up this morning to a lovely breakfast of French toast prepared by Carlton and Benji. Then we had a nice sail to Wreck Alley where the Rescues had a relaxing fun dive, and most of the Dolphins finished up their research projects. After finishing up, we had some down time on the boat before lunch. We had delicious, deli sandwiches. After lunch, the Dolphins and Rescues had an awesome fun dive as a group. We saw the Kissing Wrecks. It was also Carlton’s 50th dive! Carlton was also kept on his feet all day worried about a rescue scenario! After our second dive, we sailed back to GHP (Great Harbour, Peter Island). When we arrived, we went for a dip in the clear blue ocean. We also saw a sea turtle! Yay! Then we enjoyed a nice “Summertime Thanksgiving” dinner. Over dinner, we came to the sad realization that we only have one more dinner aboard Boss Lady. It was another amazing journey, thanks to all my shipmates and crew!