Location: Sandy Spit

Today we woke up from a rainy night where we had a crazy time dancing and playing limbo, so we were all exhausted. We woke up and ate pancakes that were cooked by our amazing chefs. Then we set sail for the Playgrounds to what I thought was a dive. Too much of my surprise, right when we anchored the Rescue divers had their first scenario. We panicked for a second but soon got everything situated. I quickly got my dive gear on and ready, and I jumped in. One of our staff, Marina, was playing the role of an unresponsive diver at the bottom of our anchor. I quickly got to her and brought her to the surface where she panicked. Marina tried to push me underwater and had the craziest look in her eye. I quickly used my elite rescue diver moves and evaded her. I took her to the boat where Evan and Tina, the other staff that had been drowning and tired diver roles, were resting and being questioned by our other Rescue members. After the scenario, we sat down with Sam, Marina, Evan, and Tina and the rest of the Rescues and found our strengths and weaknesses in our first scenario. After, we made franks and beans and ate a delicious dinner as a family. We are now cleaning the boat and getting ready for bed.