Location: Koh Tao, Thailand

Today was an awesome day. It started with a nice sleep in followed by a delicious breakfast courtesy of Coppee. Once we devoured our breakfast with much gusto we headed thirty feet down the road to our diveshop to set up our dive gear. We took a taxi down to the shore and got on the long tail in order to board the King Kong III for our final marine excursion. Once everyone was set up, we were briefed and soon after we descended into the beautiful blue- green sea. Under water we saw tons of amazing things like nudi-branchs, corals and a vast array of vibrant sea life, but above all else, we saw a turtle. This turtle was, by far, the most amazing turtle I have everseen. For about ten minutes our dive group, consisting of Carolyn, Ivy, Susannah and myself, watched the turtle with awe. By the time we exhausted the view of the turtle, our air had diminished, and we had to surface. It was sad to leave the King Kong III for that final time, but I will always remember the philosophical conversations we had on top of that bright blue roof. Once we arrived from our last dive, we hiked up the treacherous hill to our Resort and swam before we headed down for beach time. The beaches in Koh Tao are phenomenal, and we are all lucky enough to say that we were taught aquatic acrobatics by our resident cheerleaders on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. As the wind picked up a little and it rained a tad, we headed to town to purchase mango shakes, elephant pants and other Thai- themed apparel. Jack, Max and I stopped by a local pancake vendor and had the most delicious, Nutella doused, pre-dinner snack. We walked down the massive hill for the final time to our final meal on the paradise island and all sat down at our favorite restaurant. Dinner was a fantastic smorgasbord of Thai cuisine. Not a morsel was left on our plates at the end of the night. We sang happy birthday to one ofour fearless leaders, Carolyn, and slurped our mango shakes for the final time. Soon after the great feast, we ascended that mammoth of a hill for the final time and as I type, everyone is packing and awaiting the dreaded 4:45am wake-up. This is our final blog posting from the paradise isle of Koh Tao, and tomorrow we head for the stunning temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia!