Location: Anse de Colombier, St. Barths

As usual, we woke up to the beat of the morning playlist. After a hearty breakfast of cereal and oatmeal, we went to the shore. I bought a bag of peanut MandM’s, and Cameroon bought 15 boxes of Mikado. The rest of our shore time was spent on the Quicksilver deck with Ben and Gage. We left the dock in St Barth’s this marked the last time that we would dock until the last day. We sailed out to open sea to practice Man Over Board drills. This entailed dropping the buoy into the water driving seven boat lengths away tacking the boat and furling the jib in and then driving back to the buoy and picking it up with the boat hook.

After we did this for a few hours until everyone had a turn doing everything and then we sailed to Anse du Colombier bay. We practiced mooring drills for an hour, and then we cooked dinner. It was Mexican night, and our chefs cooked a delicious meal of beans and rice with tortillas and sour cream. The staff had challenged us to clean up faster then they did. If we did, they would clean up a meal of our choosing. This elevated spirits on the boat because not having done something is always a good motivation to do something. Everyone was on board, and we Cleaned up at a feverish pace. In the end, it was very close, and we only beat the staff by 30 seconds. However, 30 second is still 30 seconds, and so the staff would have to clean up dinner next time. After dinner, we watched a movie called Around Cape Horn, which detailed a sailors journey around cape horn and the dangers and joys of sailing. Then it was time for bed, and people started setting up their hammocks. The water in the bay contained bioluminescence in it, and that entertained us for a while. We drifted off to sleep to the sound of thunder in the distance, thus ending another great day.