Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

So this morning on Orka Tew we woke up had breakfast and had a fun dive on a place called the Playgrounds. Katie, Peter, Ray and I went in a group, and we ended up seeing a 7-foot reef shark and a 5-foot nurse shark which was amazing to see. We went back to the boat and started to make lunch and hang out. While we were all hanging out, Jon jumped in the water with all of his scuba gear and signaled for us to be quiet. It turns out he was helping the Rescue kids with their scenarios so they can get their certification. Jon was supposed to be a distressed diver, and we got to see how our Rescue friends handed the scenario. After watching this, we went to my favorite place in the whole BVI’s, Sandy spit. It is a small island filled with only sand and some rocks and shells. All of the sail side was there, so we got to hang out with some of them which we never get to see. We had beach time and then went back to the boat to start dinner. We finished dinner and packed it up to bring back to Sandy Spit for a picnic dinner. Everyone had left at this point, so it was just our boat, so we had free reign of the entire island. We all quickly ate and then ran around in the sand and then started to look at all the hermit crabs and marine life we found around there. Kris joined us for dinner and talked to us about SeaMester and sold Aidan, Robert, and myself on the idea. After talking to him about Sea Mester, the sun started to go down, and we all sat on the beach together and saw the most beautiful sunset we have seen this trip. We got back in the dingy went back and got to take a quick freshwater shower and then had to quickly go over to Pure Joy with the rest of dive side to have a chat with Sam. This was the goal-setting talk where he told us the story of how he got to where he is today. We then made a card for what goal we wanted to achieve and the steps needed to achieve this. After this was over, we got to spend time with our Pure Joy friends for a little before Jon picked us up. We finally went back to Orka Tew to go to bed after a long day: )