Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we woke up at Muskmelon Bay and sailed over to Monkey Point to start our first and only dive for the day. The Dolphin students went on a dive to learn proper research techniques and the different methods. Meanwhile, the Neptune students went on their first solo day dive today. There were lots of jellies and fish, and there was plenty of beautiful reef life. After our dive today, we began sailing over to Summer’s Beach, where we would later have our barbecue. The students broke up and went to different boats to do course lectures. The Dolphin students went to Yo Dawg to dissect a dogfish (surprise, one of them was pregnant!) while the Neptune students went to Aqua Marine to begin their equipment specialty lecture. After the lecture was over, we played a game where we competed against each other to set up our equipment the fastest while “blindfolded” (spoiler alert, it was a scuba mask with tape on it.) After all of the students were back on the boat, the Dolphins strapped down for another lecture on coral reef ecology. After the lecture was finished, we all began to get ready for our barbecue that was tonight. The barbecue was set on a beautiful beach, and all of the boats gathered for amazing food and memories. Everyone gathered with their new friends to talk about their days and how their trips were going. At one point, one of our crewmates and friend was covered in sand (it was obvious where he first sat on the boat when he got back later that night). Overall today was filled with beautiful sites, dives, and memories.