Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was an action-packed day. We started the day by having a simple breakfast of cereal on the boat, then we dashed to get ready for a meeting on the dock. Once the meeting was concluded the good old Sambamfam gathered for a sailing chat. We learned about winches, navigation, raising and lowering the sails, and a whole bunch of other stuff. After learning the basics we set sail for Savanna Bay, taking turns at the helm and working together to raise the sails. Because the wind wasn’t blowing in the right direction to take us to the bay, we had to do something called tacking. That means zig-zagging back and forth by switching the direction of our headsail, or jib. It took a few tries, but pretty soon the Sambamfam was tacking perfectly. After a quick PB+J lunch we arrived at Savanna Bay long before the rest of the fleet and hopped into the water for the swim test (which everyone passed). Once we finished our test we took a shower and prepped for dinner with the director Mike. He taught us a cool bonding game with black and white pictures that helped us learn about each other. We capped off the day with the squeeze and the question was “what does home mean to you?” It was a super fun sailing day and I can’t wait for tomorrow! date:Jul 31, 2017