Location: West End

We can’t believe Sambamba is back on the dock in West End and our adventure is over! It’s been a wild ride with a ton of happy memories shared and experiences gained. We have grown together as a team and a family. The three of us will miss our 12 awesome shipmates! Jared joined us having already done a session this summer and has been helping everyone from day one. We have enjoyed Carolina’s sense of humor and Luna’s eagerness to learn. Kenny’s amazing wakeboarding will be remembered, as well as Emmi’s cheerful nature and singing. We will miss Rachel’s happiness and smile, Alex’s favorite parts of the day, Callie’s cooking skills and Pharaoh’s expert sailing. Throughout our journey, the team loved playing Ariela’s games and hearing Gabe’s funny words of wisdom. We loved hearing about Nolan’s pies and hope to try them one day. A huge thank you to everyone on board Sambamba for an incredible 17 days…feel the rhythm, feel the ride, come on Sambam it’s sailing time! date: Aug 15, 2017