Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up early to a hot day and banana bread that Cap’n Kris made us (he’s such a good housewife!). Then we motored our way over to Salt Island where we dove the wreck of the Rhone, a Royal Mail Ship that sunk during a hurricane in the 1800s. It was huge and probably the most interesting dive site yet. After that, we hiked around Salt Island where some of the shipmates of the Rhone are buried. We walked to the highest point of the island and could see everything around us. It was nice to be together with all of the dive side for a little while. We then tried to sail back to GHP (Great Harbor, Peter Island) but quickly found out something was wrong with our sail. Meghann got hoisted to the top of the mast while I (the greatest skipper ever) drove the boat the entire time. Kris had us take the sail down, and we learned how to “flake” it (a fancy way to say fold). We are getting it fixed tomorrow so don’t fret. We snorkeled around GHP, hung out, and reviewed our dive tables. Tonight is our second-night dive! Now that we’ve done it before we aren’t as nervous, just excited to see cool things. We’re all bummed out we didn’t get to see Harry Potter, so don’t tell us what happens! Off to torture Kris with some Jimmy Buffett (can you believe he doesn’t like him?)!