Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

I was drooling on the salon cushions when I was awoken to our music. To my surprise, we had to be underway at 7 am, earlier than I anticipated. The chefs prepared cereal for our boat. The perfect dish for today, because we were heading to our last dive site: the wreck of the Rhone. It is an immense crash of a boat claimed to be unsinkable! I had the best dive of the trip! I saw sharks, lionfish, etc. This was my certifying dive! Very few moments of this trip could compare to the moment on which I signed the paper granting me my certificate. Our next voyage brought us to Salt Island, an island which is uninhabited with amazing sights. I climbed a big hill with a friend from home. Once at the top we noticed the rest of our crew climbing a smaller hill. We called each other, and it was fun and games until I realized we climbed the WRONG HILL! Now smothered in sweat, we climbed the other hill. With a wet shirt, we took a picture, and it was very satisfying. Later we had swim time, and we jumped, dunked, and fell in the water over and over again. Here I write, ready for the movie night.