Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

To start the day, we sailed to Salt Island while eating bagels, yogurt, and cereal. We then dove the wreck of the Rhone. This was by far the coolest dive we have done so far on the trip. We saw three Blacktip sharks, an eel, a lobster, and a huge sea turtle! The shark got very close to us, which was cool. After, we hiked to the top of Salt Island. It was beautiful at the top, so we took many photos. We ate lunch on the boat, and then the Neptunes snorkeled the dive sight for their night dive.

Meanwhile, the rescue students did practices for a panicked diver situation. After we got the rest of the day to relax, snorkel, and swim. Rescuer people took showers, but Neptune people got ready for their night dive. It is going to happen soon and probably be cool!