Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today I woke up to a salty breeze and the view of hills and water. Everyone found a place to sleep, whether it be in the cabins, in their hammock, the blue lagoon (the couch), or even on the trampoline. We officially started our day around 7:30 and had a delicious breakfast consisting of cereal and cantaloupe. After we chatted amongst ourselves, we began our activities. First things first, when living on a boat, you need to know how to be safe while having fun! So, Liz, Julie, and Luke began briefing the expectations that we were held to achieve. After, we participated in a conversation started by telling the group a bit about ourselves (aka where we’re from, what our names are, and lastly, what we are looking forward to. After that, Luke explained the technical assets of the boat, along with the docking process. Next, we had sandwiches for lunch which were made by Parker and Kian, who are the best chefs EVER. After going to the dock to refill the water tanks for the boat, we got our PDFs on and got the boat ready for departure. The skipper (Eres) made sure to close all the windows and get the lifelines cleared, and everyone had their PFDs on. We headed to our next island (southeast), and the waves were really choppy, which made it super fun. Once we got anchored, we did our swimming test, which consisted of 6 laps around the boat and treading water for 10 minutes. After that, we had our ocean shower time which was super fun. Currently, I’m awaiting the amazing dinner of Sloppy Joe’s. Can’t wait for tomorrow!