Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

High on the Breeze reporting! We started the day off with some oatmeal and cereal and later headed to Pomato Pt, Anegada. It was a nice windy sail full of bonding! For lunch, we ate PB+J sandwiches while laying in the white sand. Later we went for a swim at Anegada and returned to our boat around 2 pm. It was a bit choppy so while we were getting off our dinghy, three people fell in the water, and it was super funny! We prepared the boat to go underway, and our sail to Mountain Point was AMAZING! We had so much fun and spent most of our sail bonding, telling riddles, singing, playing games, and asking controversial questions like “is water wet?” We also played Green Glass Door and Johnny Whoops, which required a lot of attention to figure out. When we arrived at Mountain Point, we took our regular AQ showers and got ready to welcome Mike onboard for dinner. We had tacos for dinner and later played the card game with Mike. Then we performed our daily jobs and had scuba chat #4. I can’t wait for tomorrow!