Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today was by far one of the best days of the trip for the Boss Ladies and Gents. It started with a 6:30 wake up at which point Sam instructed us that we only had until 7 am to eat and clear breakfast, then everyone ate cereal rather than the planned eggs and muffins. After breakfast was done we started to get the boat ready to sail to the Chikuzen; today was the best day to be skipper as I got to sail for two hours to the wreck with the help of Sam. All the Boss Lady shipmates were very excited to dive the wreck of the sunken Korean refrigerator ship due to the extensive marine life and cool swim throughs. For more than half of the shipmates, today was the 2nd time they dove the Chikuzen, but for the others, it was their first time, and all of them especially Maddi were excited. The sail was so far so the waves were huge and everyone lying on the trampoline got soaked! But the highlight of the day, or even the trip, came towards the end of the sail when a pod of 5 dolphins swam alongside our bow for 20 minutes. All of us help onto the edge of the boat watching and screaming as the dolphins swam through the waves. Katie was very excited by the dolphins, exclaiming that “they had made her life!” Finally, we moored up and started to set up our dive gear while Sam set up the lines for the other dive side boats. Before we jumped in the water, Sam briefed us on the dive and told us about the history of the wreck. It was a tricky experience to step off the boat due to the rough waves. The dive was one of the best yet, the schools of fish swimming around us, rays, barracuda, and lionfish. But it was also quite scary as the Chikuzen was surrounded by hundreds of moon jellies (no worries, they’re harmless). The swim throughs were great, and it was amazing being in the water at 70 ft where the temperature switches from warm to cold. Also loved the dive because I got to see my brother (who is on Blue Venture) dive for the first time here at AQ! After the amazing dive, we motored back to Muskmelon Bay and had a pretty mess lunch during the rocky motor. Once we were back we near land, we enjoyed some beach time with Mambo and Blue Venture before heading back to Boss Lady to get ready for our beach BBQ! All the time the nine girls spent getting ready was a waste when once the dinghy approached the beach and we jumped into waist-high water getting soaked. We all enjoyed the burgers and hot dogs and socializing with all the boats!