Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

After a wonderful night at the barbeque, it seemed more than difficult for us to start our early day. Waking up at 6:30 is usually unpleasant especially after a late night. We ate our generous helping of oatmeal, and we were off beginning our next sailing adventure by eight o’clock. The wind was with us, pushing the boat along at around a swift 7-8 knots. We arrived at Peter Island almost 3 hours later, as the sun shined its brilliant and powerful face on us. The Boss Lady crew then ate a delicious lunch of deli “sammies.” After lunch, the Rescue members completed their second of four search and recovery dives. The members of the Dolphin program worked on their first day of official underwater photography and dissected a starfish! (It was super awesome!). During the photography dive, we saw some exciting animals such as some stoplight parrot fish, huge sea cucumbers, and even a small nurse shark! Our day on the Boss Lady ended with scrumptious Mexican food, it is Taco Tuesday after all, and a lecture regarding our team research projects. These past eight days have been filled to the brim with fun, excitement, bonding, lots of food, and most of all sun. These wonderful days turn into wonderful nights and will soon turn into wonderful moments; we all will treasure forever. Excitement surrounds us at every turn and won’t stop until the moment we return home.