Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was an amazing day packed chock-full of action. We kicked off the day with a super early breakfast of every breakfast food we had left- plus PB+J. As soon as we’d eaten we raised the mainsail and unfurled the jib to make our way to Salt Island. Though the wind refused to pick up, we managed and arrived in no time. Next we took the dinghies over to Wind Shadow to dive an incredible shipwreck called the Rhone. Beforehand, the skipper read us the story of the ship and how it crashed into a rock, killing all but 27 crew, just after being deemed “unsinkable.” We had a difficult boat entry due to crazy current, but it was completely worth it to see the wreck, which was teeming with marine life. Once we got back to the boat we had a quick snack and crammed for our sailing exam and dried off before heading to shore for an incredible hike. It was very steep, but the challenge was worthwhile for the mind-blowing view. Upon returning to the boat we scattered to take our exam. Then we set sail for Peter Island and had a lunch of chicken salad wraps while underway. There we split up for waterskiing/wakeboarding/kneeboarding and swimming. Next we showered and had an amazing breakfast for dinner. Today truly was action-packed, and I can’t wait for tomorrow! date:Aug 12, 2017