Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up this morning at 7:00 am. For breakfast, we had pancakes, and then we had our sailing practical exam. I had a few issues with tying some knots, but we mostly all did pretty well. Afterward, we got shore time in West End, where we had first gotten on the boats at the beginning of the trip. The grocery store in West End was destroyed in Hurricane Irma, so we all went to a restaurant. Afterward, I went to a skipper meeting to talk about the race we would have after. After that, we sailed off to the starting line for the race. After we got a countdown, the race started. Unfortunately, we had the last start, but we still started out pretty well. We weren’t too far into the race before Blue Tide gave up since they had a dive to do later in the day. The race was pretty close until a little over halfway through when Wind Shadow pulled ahead of everyone by a lot. Eventually, the distances became big, and we were in third right near the finish line, and right behind Lascaris, then we cut them off at the finish line and got second place. After the race, we showered and had Mexican food for dinner, cleaned up, and are about to have a sail chat for our written exam.