Location: Marina Cay

As the other days, we started the work early putting some cereals, fruits and milk on the table at 7am for our breakfast! After a good clean up of the dishes, we raised our anchors and left Mountain Point to a good sailing practice. With our sails up we practiced a lot of skills such as tacking, jibing, proper easing and coiling of the lines; we also saw what happens if you don’t do a proper jibe (it’s not good). After some practice we headed to Marina Cay and fueled up our tanks (water and diesel), then we anchored our boat and our dinghy took us to Trellis Bay and we had some free time to buy some snacks and souvenirs. We had about 2 hours to do so and then at 16h we went back to our boat and showered. We had dinner and some really awkward and funny stories.